Aerosense DPT-Flow Differential Pressure Transmitter Modal DPT-Flow-7000-D Range 0-7000 Pa

Aerosense DPT-Flow Differential Pressure Transmitter Modal DPT-Flow-7000-D Range 0-7000 Pa

Series DPT-Flow Differential Pressure cum Air Flow Transmitter
 engineered for building automation in the HVAC/R industry.It measures the volume Flow,Velocity, and static and differential pressure.The DPT-Flow Devices can be connected directly to pressure measurement points in the centrifugal fan.It has an optional Auto-Zero Feature which electronically adjusts the Transmitter Zero at predetermined time intervals Every 10 Minutes. The Auto-Zero adjustment takes 4 seconds.The AZ Calibration eliminates all output signal drift due to thermal,electronic, or mechanical effects.



  • Service:Dry Air Or Non-Aggressive Gases
  • Measuring Element:Piezo resistive
  • Accuracy:±1 %
  • Thermal Effects:Temperature Compensated Across The Full Spectrum Of Capability
  • Proof Pressure:25 kPa
  • Zero Point Calibration:Automatic Autozero Or Manual Pushbutton
  • Response Time:1.0 to 20 sec selectable via menu
  • Pressure Units Select Via Menu:PA,kPA,mBar,In.WC,MM WC
  • Pressure Output Scale Select Via Menu:100-1000/200-2000/500-5000/700-7000 Depending Upon Models
  • Flow Units Select Via Menu:Volume:m3/s,m3/hr,cfm,l/s
  • Velocity:m/s,ft/min
  • Operating Temperature:-10…50° C With Autozero (-AZ) Calibration-5…50 °C
  • Storage Temperature:-20…70 °C Humidity:0 to 95 % rH,
  • Non Condensing
  • Dimensions:90.0X95.0X36.0 MM
  • Electrical Connections:4-Screw Terminal Block Cable Entry: M16
  • Weight:150 g
  • Mounting:2 each 4.3 MM Screw Holes,One Slotted
  • Materials:ABS
  • Protection standard:IP54
  • Display:2-Line Display 12 Characters/Line
  • Size:46.0X14.5 MM
  • Line 1:Volume or Velocity Measurement
  • Line 2:Pressure Measurement



  • Maximum Load:500 Q Power Consumption:<1.0 W Circuit:3-Wire (V Out,24 V, GND)
  • Input:24 VAC or VDC.±10 %
  • Output:0-10 VDC,Selectable Via Jumper
  • Resistance Minimum:1 kQ Current
  • Power Consumption:<1.2 W
  • Circuit:3-wire (mA Out,24 V, GND
  • Input:24 VAC or VDC. ±10 %
  • Output:4-20 mA selectable via jumper



  • Air Flow Monitoring Across Centrifugal Fans And Blowers
  • In-Duct Air Flow Monitoring
  • VAV Applications



AZ-Calibration is a Function in the form of an automatic zeroing circuit built into the PCB.The AZ-Calibration electronically adjusts the transmitter zero at predetermined time intervals Every 10 Minutes.The AZ-calibration eliminates all output signal drift due to thermal,electronic or mechanical effects,as well as the need for technicians to remove high and low pressure tubes when performing initial or periodic transmitter zero point calibration The AZ adjustment takes 4 seconds.To avoid conflict with the BAS system,the output and display values will freeze to the latest measured value,after which the device returns to its normal measuring mode.Transmitters equipped with the AZ-calibration are virtually maintenance free

Pressure Range Scalable Via Menu

Models Pressure Range (Scalable Via Menu) Air Velocity/Flow Ranges. (Scalable Via Menu)
DPT-Flow-1000-D 0-1000 PA 0-1:50 m3/s 0-4000…200000m3/h 0-2000…100000cfm 0-1000:50000 l/s 0-10…100m/s 0-2000….20000fpm
DPT-Flow-2000-D 0-2000 PA
DPT-Flow-5000-D 0-5000 PA
DPT-Flow-7000-D 0-7000 PA