930.86 Model GEMTECH Differential Pressure Switch 930.8x Series



930.86 Model GEMTECH Differential Pressure Switch 930.8x Series

GEMTECH Differential Pressure Switch 930.8x

With Adjustable Switching Pressure



GEMTECH Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch For Monitoring Overpressure,Vacuum and Differential Pressure Of Air Or Other Non-Combustible,Non-Aggressive Gases.Possible Fields Of Application Include:


  • Monitoring Air Filters And Ventilators
  • Monitoring Industrial Cooling-Air Circuits
  • Overheating Protection For Fan Heaters
  • Monitoring Flows in Ventilation Ducts
  • Controlling Air Fire-Potection Flaps
  • Frost Protection For Heat Exchangers




With This Pressure Switch The Switching Pressure Can Be Adjusted Without A Pressure Gauge Using A Scaled Adjustment Knob.The Switching Differential Can Also Be Adjusted With A Screwdriver.


Type Adjustment Range For Upper Switching Pressure 

From            To

Switching Differential 

 Set To         

Tolerance For Upper And Lower Switching Pressure
930.80 20        200Pa 10 Pa ± 15%
930.81 30        300Pa 20 Pa ± 15%
930.82 50        500Pa 20Pa ± 15%
930.83 200     l000Pa 100 Pa ± 15%
930.85 500     2500Pa 150 Pa ± 15%
930.86 1000   4000Pa 250 Pa ± 15%

Switching Pressure Specifications Apply To Vertical Installation Which Is Also The Recommended Position With Pressure-Pipe Connections Pointing Downwards.If The Switches Are Installed Horizontally With AMP Connection Terminals Uppermost,The Switching Values Are Approx.20Pa Higher.


Maximum Operating Pressure :


  • l0 kPa For all Pressure Ranges


Medium :


  • Air,Non-Combustible And Non-Aggressive Gases.


Temperature Range :


  • Medium And Ambient Temperature From-20’Cto +85’C.
  • Storage Temperature From-40’Cto+85’C.


Diaphragm Material :


  • Silicone, Temperedat 2oo•c,Free Of Gas Emissions.OtherN Materials Availabe On Request.


Pressure Connections :


  • 2 Plastic Pipe Connection Pieces (Pl And P2), External Diameter 6.0 MM:
  • Pl For Connection To Higher Pressure (Marked+J
  • P2 For Connection To Lower Pressure (Marked-]


Housing Materials:Switch Body Made Of PA 6.6.Cover Made Of PS.




  • With Cover 150 g
  • Witout Cover ll0 g


Mechanical Working Life :


  • Over lO’ Switcing Operations.


Electrical Rating :


  • Standard Version            1.0A(0.4A]I250VAC
  • Low-Voltage Version 0.lA/24VDC




Electri Calconnections :


  • AMP Frat Plug 6.3 MM x 0.8 MM In Accordance With DlN 46244 Or Push-On Screw Terminals.
  • Cable Conduit PG-11 Or M20xl.5 With Cable Strain Relief.

Arrangement Of Contacts :



Dimensions :