930.80 GEMTECH Air Differential Pressure Switch 20-200 Pa



930.80 GEMTECH Air Differential Pressure Switch 20-200 Pa

GEMTECH Differential Pressure Switch 930.8x

With Adjustable Switching Pressure



GEMTECH Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch For Monitoring Overpressure,Vacuum and Differential Pressure Of Air Or Other Non-Combustible,Non-Aggressive Gases.Possible Fields Of Application Include:


  • Monitoring Air Filters And Ventilators
  • Monitoring Industrial Cooling-Air Circuits
  • Overheating Protection For Fan Heaters
  • Monitoring Flows in Ventilation Ducts
  • Controlling Air Fire-Potection Flaps
  • Frost Protection For Heat Exchangers




With This Pressure Switch The Switching Pressure Can Be Adjusted Without A Pressure Gauge Using A Scaled Adjustment Knob.The Switching Differential Can Also Be Adjusted With A Screwdriver.


Type Adjustment Range For Upper Switching Pressure 

From            To

Switching Differential 

 Set To         

Tolerance For Upper And Lower Switching Pressure
930.80 20        200Pa 10 Pa ± 15%
930.81 30        300Pa 20 Pa ± 15%
930.82 50        500Pa 20Pa ± 15%
930.83 200     l000Pa 100 Pa ± 15%
930.85 500     2500Pa 150 Pa ± 15%
930.86 1000   4000Pa 250 Pa ± 15%

Switching Pressure Specifications Apply To Vertical Installation Which Is Also The Recommended Position With Pressure-Pipe Connections Pointing Downwards.If The Switches Are Installed Horizontally With AMP Connection Terminals Uppermost,The Switching Values Are Approx.20Pa Higher.


Maximum Operating Pressure :


  • l0 kPa For all Pressure Ranges


Medium :


  • Air,Non-Combustible And Non-Aggressive Gases.


Temperature Range :


  • Medium And Ambient Temperature From-20’Cto +85’C.
  • Storage Temperature From-40’Cto+85’C.


Diaphragm Material :


  • Silicone, Temperedat 2oo•c,Free Of Gas Emissions.OtherN Materials Availabe On Request.


Pressure Connections :


  • 2 Plastic Pipe Connection Pieces (Pl And P2), External Diameter 6.0 MM:
  • Pl For Connection To Higher Pressure (Marked+J
  • P2 For Connection To Lower Pressure (Marked-]


Housing Materials:Switch Body Made Of PA 6.6.Cover Made Of PS.




  • With Cover 150 g
  • Witout Cover ll0 g


Mechanical Working Life :


  • Over lO’ Switcing Operations.


Electrical Rating :


  • Standard Version            1.0A(0.4A]I250VAC
  • Low-Voltage Version 0.lA/24VDC




Electri Calconnections :


  • AMP Frat Plug 6.3 MM x 0.8 MM In Accordance With DlN 46244 Or Push-On Screw Terminals.
  • Cable Conduit PG-11 Or M20xl.5 With Cable Strain Relief.

Arrangement Of Contacts :



Dimensions :