DWYER 616W-4M-LCD Weatherproof Differential Pressure Transmitter

DWYER 616W-4M-LCD Weatherproof Differential Pressure Transmitter

Dwyer 616W-4M-LCD Weatherproof Differential Pressure Transmitter (0-0-5 kPa) with LCD 

  • Model: 616W-4M-LCD

Positive,Negative and Differential Pressure can be Measured Within a Full Span Accuracy of ±0.25.Units are Enclosed in a Polycarbonate Case,Rated NEMA 4X (IP66) and operate by sensing the Pressure of Air And Compatible Gases Then Sending a Standard 4-20 mA output signal


  • Design Enables Operation in 2-Wire Current loops
  • A Wide Range Of Models Are Available Factory Calibrated to Specific Ranges
  • The Span And Zero Controls Are For Use When Checking Calibration
  • They Are Not Intended For Re-Ranging To a Significantly Different Span
  • The LCD (As Shown To The Left) allows local indication of pressure


Service:Air And Non Combustible Compatible Gases
Accuracy:±0.25% F.S.,Display Accuracy ±0.5%
Stability:±1% F.S./yr
Temperature Limits:0 to 140°F (-17.8 to 60°C
Compensated Temperature Limits:20 to 120°F (-6.67 to 48.9°C
Pressure Limits:29 psig
Thermal Effect:±0.02% F.S./°F (0.0012% F.S./°C
Power Requirements:10-35 VDC (2-wire
Output Signal:4 to 20 mA
Zero and Span Adjustments:Potentiometers For Zero And Span
Loop Resistance:DC;0-1250 Ohms Maximum
Current Consumption:DC;38 mA Maximum
Electrical Connections:Screw-Type Terminal Block
Process Connections:Barbed,Dual Size To Fit 1/8″ and 3/16″ (3.12 MM And 4.76 MM) I.D.Rubber Or Vinyl Tubing
Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4X
Mounting Orientation:Vertical,Consult Factory For Other Position Orientations
Weight:With LCD 9.6 oz 272 g
Agency Approvals:CE

Dwyer 616W-4M-LCD Specifications

Service Air And Non Combustible Compatible Gases
Wetted Materials Consult Factory
Accuracy ±0.25% FS at 77°F (25°C),Display Accuracy ±0.5%
Stability ±1% FS/yr
Temperature Limits 14 to 185°F (-10 to 85°C
Pressure Limits See Model Chart On Catalog Page
Power Requirements 10 to 35 VDC (2-wire),17 to 36 VDC,Or isolated 21.6 to 33 VAC 3-wire
Output Signal 4 to 20 mA (2-wire),0 to 5 VDC,Or 0 to 10 VDC 3-wire
Zero and Span Adjustments Push Buttons
Loop Resistance Current output:0 to 1250 Ω max
Voltage output:Load Resistance 1 kΩ min
Current Consumption 40 mA max
Electrical Connections 3-Wire Removable European style terminal block for 16 to 26 AWG
Process Connections Barbed,Dual size to fit 1/8″ and 3/16″ (3.12 and 4.76 mm) ID Rubber or Vinyl Tubing
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X (IP66
Mounting Orientation Any Orientation
Weight Without LCD 8.8 oz 249g,With LCD 9.6 oz 272g
Agency Approvals CE

What’s included with the Dwyer 616W-4M-LCD

  • Dwyer 616W-4M-LCD Weatherproof Differential Pressure Transmitter (0-0/5.0 KPA) with LCD

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