Ki-tae uses 2 days locked about restroom, understanding, exercise, and you can attacking boredom

Ki-tae uses 2 days locked about restroom, understanding, exercise, and you can attacking boredom

The guy weakens and you can hallucinates their relatives and buddies claiming exactly how sick they are away from him, knowing none of them will come and cut your. If you will he advantages upwards considering Jang-mi, but recalls the battle and you will will lose promise. The guy lies on the ground and you can entry out, just as we noticed your towards the top of new occurrence.

At home one to night, Jang-mi holiday breaks a windows and you may flashes back into becoming household alone once the a child, in which she broke a windows and you will cut the girl base poorly. She begins to clean however, will get a detrimental impression, and you will rushes out to Ki-tae’s place.

There isn’t any respond to whenever she knocks, thus Jang-mi lets herself in and you may creeeeps through the apartment, Ki-tae’s admonishment of the lady line-crossing echoing within her head

She phone calls out one to she is disappointed, however, she try alarmed as she immediately after nearly died alone during the house when she is four, which explains this lady fear of are by yourself.

She tries to rouse him, in which he spends the very last off their strength so you can clasp the girl in the a tight hug

As the Jang-mi discussions, Ki-tae rouses plenty of so you can feebly require assist. She holds a knife and you can pries the doorway unlock, shedding they when she observes your lying half-dry on to the ground.

A monument banquet are laid out before a photo out of a significant-looking earlier guy. Regarding the records, s from the all the suffering they are brought about her. Ki-tae drops toward art gallery banquet, sprinkling eating everywhere, as the several ladies try to keep Jang-mi away from him.

Jang-mi support a failure and you will stumbling Ki-tae so you’re able to their automobile, going for the medical, even hoisting him right up getting an excellent piggyback when he shows too feeble simply to walk. It encounter Se-ah, who was and additionally concerned and you will stumbled on check up on him, and Jang-mi teaches you exactly how he had been caught up from the restroom for two months.

Ki-tae claims he is fine and you can doesn’t need a health care provider, however, Jang-mi merely nature hikes your on to this lady back again, ha. Se-ah drives them to a healthcare facility, scarcely who has the lady eyerolls once the Jang-mi fusses over Ki-tae in the backseat.

Your physician declares your okay, even though Se-ah (who is in addition to a physician) recommends your to remain long enough to end his IV because the the guy hasn’t drank in 2 months. ily is found on the way, and you may Ki-tae requires Se-ah to go whenever you are informing Jang-mi to remain. They are carrying it out for their heading involvement, but Se-ah was affronted are ignored and only Jang-mi.

Ki-tae’s mommy, grandma, and you may sis come and basically blame Jang-mi to the fact that it remain being forced to meet in the the Emergency room. Jang-mi shows you that he is secured regarding the restroom and you can Ki-tae states she in fact stored him, but merely Grandmother many thanks this lady. Sibling Mi-jung still actually purchasing any one of this, and gives Jang-mi the newest universal “I am watching your” sign since the females exit.

Into drive domestic, Grandmother takes them to activity for craigslist hookup ads their knee-jerk blaming off Jang-mi, and informs her or him you to definitely this woman is an effective girl exactly who is worth the brand new benefit of the new question. Sister Mi-jung informs Mommy which they should help him or her, if perhaps just like the opposite the marriage will force Ki-tae towards Jang-mi also more complicated. Granny claims they must become familiar with the lady, and i also hate exactly how without difficulty Mom agrees. She has some thing up their case…

24 hours later Jang-mi flights this lady bicycle family, nearly crashing whenever she observes Ki-tae’s mother speaking with their mom outside, thanking the girl to possess a prefer. Jang-mi and her mom visit their restaurant, in which Jang-mi are told that she’s going to become providing Ki-tae’s family members together with grandfather’s art gallery. Jang-mi protests but Mommy says she would be to begin accumulating brownie products as soon as possible. Into the desperation, Jang-mi tells this lady moms and dads the reality that she is not really marrying Ki-tae, nevertheless they consider she is sleeping to leave out of helping. Their similar glares off disbelief are a riot.