Of around three components of liability, the most old-fashioned and widespread?

Of around three components of liability, the most old-fashioned and widespread?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The brand new delegation so you’re able to and you may supervision out-of facts by businesses-government, profit-built organizations, and nonprofits-is named an effective. federalism. b. public markets contacts. c. bureaucratic liability. d. administration of the proxy.

19. Governmental researcher John Gaus assented that have Woodrow Wilson one separating government of management could be done-by enacting statutes one gave opted for officials manage to guide rules you to definitely administrators would merely create. a great. Real b. Not true

20. Policymakers do not value a loose strings out-of order in the place of more head command over their subordinates. a great. True b. Untrue

21. Citizens and you will opted for authorities demand a lesser degree of integrity than just one asked about private business to have political designated social directors. good. Real b. Not true

twenty-two. Because more authorities providers has actually ranged countries it is hard so you can manage an elementary band of elite group norms one regulate management decisions. good. Genuine b. Not true

step one. All of the following the is kinds of the various process you to definitely distinguish personal organizations away from personal groups Except a beneficial. tips of results. b. personal analysis. C rules creation. d. persuasion.

step 3. The essential standard difference between social and personal organizations, over supervision and gratification measurement is actually a beneficial. social scrutiny. c. long-identity group. d. emphasis on best for community.

cuatro. _________ stress security, overall performance, and you may handling by the marketing. a good. Nonprofits b. Individual organizations C Societal organizations d. Quick enterprises

5. Social government concerns An insurance policy formation and you may plan performance. b. policy formation, not rules performance. c. coverage delivery, however coverage creation. d. none policy creation nor policy delivery.

6. Among the key things out of public management is the invariably blurred range anywhere between good. public and personal teams. b. national versus global government. c. strength and you may inefficiency. D government and administration.

eight. The mark having management obligation would be to optimize ______ regulation also to eliminate _______ controls. an effective. discretionary; internal b. external; inner c. internal; discretionary D inner; exterior

Woodrow Wilson’s look at ________ has generated a long-term scholarly debate

8. All the following the shows you increased administrative step when you look at the policy creation Except good. the fresh new specialized skills from agencies employees. b. the increased technicality off social policy. C. the fresh new decreased character of legislative wedding. d. the growth away from head executive’s part as rules schedule setter.

9. Unlike the non-public field, the public market is actually guilty to each and every of your own after the Except An excellent around the globe organizations. b. legislators. c. courts. d. anyone.

10. Each one of the following the can make societal organizations different from individual groups Except good. industry provider. b. visibility. C results strategies. d. personal analysis.

eleven. an excellent. organizational principle b. the essential difference between societal and private management c. coverage delivery and you can policy creation D the brand new neutrality out of personal administration

a dozen. Americans began to consult more off authorities An as The second world war. b. as Industry War We. c. due to the fact time of Woodrow Wilson. d. https://datingranking.net/gleeden-review/ due to the fact time of the Federalist Paperwork.

B laws away from laws

thirteen. Regardless of if decided authorities approve, lead and offer resources into coverage, ______ trusted in order to administrators is exactly what means the fresh new purpose of your guidelines for the reality. a beneficial. supervision B policy performance c. nonprofit government d. social scrutiny

fourteen. Which of after the is known as too ineffective to-do much out of certainly not meanwhile thus powerful you to definitely decisions can be made randomly in the place of owed processes? a great. in the world groups b. personal organizations C bureaucracy d. societal causes

15. Government’s role during the neighborhood is so pervading it absolutely was termed “the latest administrative state” from the ______ when you look at the 1948. a good. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Frank J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo